3 Best Way To Make Money From Online 2019

3 Best Way To Make Money From Online 2019

Hello friends all we are want to earn/make money even at sitting at home. To given reality to this idea i have many solutions and i also try this in my life and today i am going to share this with you from my experiences that is 3 Best Way To Make Money From Online.

If you read this article you can not archive success immediately but definitely. Peoples is going online larger to larger all time in india so don’t wait any more time. Give reality to one of this 3 ideas and earn a lot of money.

Make Money Online With Google

You Are thinking that you have earn money with out Google.Com with online then it is 95% impossible in my way. Google is best way to earn money and highest money from Google. If you exit Google then you can earn money but in Online Industry Google pays highest Money through it’s online campaign Google Adsense .

Let’s Start The 3 Types Of Way To Earn Money

Before start the topic i have to clear all of you that it is a time taking process that is not possible you join today and earn money from next day. you have to maintain some patience and wait for income.

3 Best Way To Make Money From Online 2019

  1. Website/Blog  

create website

In the first position of list comes website or Blog that means you have to create a wordpress website or Google Blog(Blogger.com) to income money. it is in the first of our list because by creating a website or blog you can make a lot of money than other two ways. first upon you have to invest some money and work hard.

To create a Paid website or Free website you have to buy a TLD (Top Level Doamain) you can also read how to buy domain from Godaddy In Just 199. After buying a domain you have to choose your platform that is in Free or in paid, in my recommendation first who are just starting the website they have to use Google Blogger first for free.

After Creating a successful blog Compile  with Google Adsense and apply for Monetization.  If Google approve it then you can a lot of money. 

After a number of traffic in your blog the time has come to change your free blogger to hosting.

2. You Tube

You Tube account create

Friend it is most easiest way to earn money ever i have learned in my online carrier. There is nothing to do for earning money from You Tube.In 2017 when jio sim is not lunched in India it very easy but now in 2019 it is slightly difficult to earn money from You Tube. 

First upon you have to create a Gmail account in Google then create Youtube channel and upload videos regularly. After gaining a number of Subscriber and views apply for Youtube Partner program and Earn money. But in this method you get less money than Website.

One thing it is in second in our list because it is free and available for all and it pay less money.

3. Freelancer

earn money from freelancer

Lest know what is the meaning of Freelancer in hindi that means you have to work in your choice and in your fix value without any pressure as your choice.

There are many website which act as medium between client and seller. Let’s understand betterly.

suppose you have a skill to edit photo in professional way,  then you can charge some bid/money from your client to edit their photo.

Below List Some Good Freelancer Websites :

  1. Freelancer
  2. Fivver
  3. Worknhire

You may login or sign up above websites and earn money.

Thank You.

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